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Postal letter

Postal letter

Image by alexaleutians
In early 1943 Lyttleton Ballard’s wife, living in Staunton Virginia, filled out an income tax form for 1942 and mailed it to Lyttleton in Alaska for his signature. It was not returned and Mrs. Ballard made out another form. More than two years later, in July 1945, an envelope was delivered to the Ballard home, now in Charlottesville Virginia containing a water logged envelope and an explanation of the “delay in delivery.” Inside was the tax form mailed in March 1943 that had been discovered in aircraft wreckage. In the interim years the family address had changed from Staunton VA, to Wickford RI, to Bradford RI to Martha’s Vineyard MA and finally to the home of an uncle in Charlottesville VA. Thomas Ballard, son of Lyttleton, gives the postal service a great deal of credit for tracking the family down and delivering the long lost letter. The post office included a letter of explanation with the long lost letter and tax form.

50 Dollars

50 Dollars

Image by thisisbossi
This chart follows spent on gasoline (left column), in a national chain store (center column), or in a local shop (right column), and where that money then goes — whether it ultimately leaves the country, or the money moves elsewhere in the nation, or if the money stays local.

Wherever this money goes, it goes toward new infrastructure, services, amenities; and it pays your salary as well as the salaries of those around you. It’s altruistic to want to send your money elsewhere, but personally I’ll opt to be a bit selfish and prefer that money stay local.

So far this is a small step up from napkin math, but do not interpret this as any comprehensive economic analysis tracking every single cent. As of this image (February 2013), considerations include:
– Price of Gas
– Federal Gas Tax
– Average Local Gas Taxes
– Average Sales Tax (general; not gas-specific)
– Average Property Size of a gas station, chain store, local shop
– Average Property Value of each
– Average Property Tax
– Number of Employees
– Average Employee Wages of each
– Federal Income Tax
– Average Local Income Tax
– Average Rent for the commercial facility
– Average Cost of Supply locally, nationally, & abroad (includes national/abroad overhead/profit)
– Average Local Profit

(produced in Microsoft Excel)

Property tax rate in Illinois only a hair below nation's highest
A new study by WalletHub has a not-so-new finding: the property tax rate in Illinois is second-highest in the nation. The personal finance website calculated the effective property tax rate in each state and Washington D.C., by dividing the median …
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North Sea oil industry calls for rescue package of tax breaks in budget
Among the measures North Sea explorers want to see is a large cut in the rate of tax on their production, which can be up to 67.5% on profit for older fields. Oil & Gas UK said the standard tax rate on oil profits of 50% should be cut by 20 percentage …
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Tennessee Democrats pushing bill to reduce 'tampon tax'
Women in Tennessee would have to pay less money for feminine hygiene products if a bill sponsored by two Democrats wins approval. Introduced by Rep. Sherry Jones, D-Nashville, and Sen. Sara Kyle, D-Memphis, the bill would reduce the state's sales tax …
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My Pennsylvania income tax refund came yesterday. I should cash it and ask for pennies.

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