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QuickTime Taxes - Income Tax preparation

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Irvine, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

FieldConnect, Inc., cutting-edge provider of workforce mobility solutions, announced today the expansion of its sales force, including the hiring of two experienced inside sales agents.

“This is an exciting time to be working in the workforce mobility solutions industry,” said FieldConnect Director of Sales, Darren Student. “Using technology in the field has become a business imperative for service companies and we are excited to be able to offer a solution that strongly impacts service department revenues. We believe the addition of our two new sales agents will help us show more service organizations how mobility can help their business thrive.”

Casey Albert joins FieldConnect with extensive experience presenting software solutions to companies within many different vertical markets. Jennifer Lagria joins FieldConnect with broad knowledge of the field service industry, including having started her own field service company dispatching mortgage closing agents nationwide. Both are native southern Californians and currently live in Orange County.

Albert and Lagria will be tasked with generating leads for the FieldConnect mobile workforce platform, which includes:

    FieldAccess™ mobile electronic work order software for field technicians and engineers
    FieldDispatch™ web-based, drag-and-drop calendaring solution
    FieldDirect™ self-service call creation portals for customers
    FieldQuotes™ instant, accurate remote quoting and closing software
    FieldTime™ electronic time cards
    FieldProject™ time and expense tracking

FieldConnect solutions integrate seamlessly with an organization’s existing back-office accounting system, allowing for real-time communication between the field and the back office, speeding billing and boosting cash flow. FieldConnect solutions extend the functionality of the following accounting platforms:

    Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, and SL
    Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 300 Trade Specialty (formerly Sage Timberline)
    Viewpoint Construction Software’s Viewpoint V6

For more information, please visit http://www.fieldconnect.com.

About FieldConnect    

FieldConnect enables organizations to leverage the power of mobility to enhance customer and employee engagement, providing anytime, anywhere access to information and resources. The FieldConnect workforce mobility platform extends the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, SL, and NAV, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 300 Trade Specialty (formerly Sage Timberline), and Viewpoint Construction Software’s Viewpoint V6. FieldConnect is a privately held enterprise based in Irvine, California and has been innovating and deploying mobility solutions since 2002. http://www.fieldconnect.com

Business tax breaks on Republican minds

Business tax breaks on Republican minds
Never mind that tax breaks and outright gifts of taxpayer money to business interests have failed miserably to add promised jobs these past four years; a recent Legislative Council report signals there are more of the same "trickle down" ideas on the way.
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How Long Should I Keep My Tax Records?
I am often asked how long one should keep tax records. Naturally, the answer is not cut and dried. For example, the IRS states that you must retain your tax returns and all supporting documents including bank statements for a minimum of three years …
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Instead Of Complaining About Inversions, Obama Should Work On Corporate
Last month Treasury officials announced new rules to make it more difficult for companies to complete tax inversion deals, in which a U.S. company merges with a foreign business and moves its headquarters to another country to benefit from more …
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Beaufort City Council candidate profile: Stephen D. Murray III
Volunteer — board chairman, Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce; president, Leadership Beaufort Alumni Association; graduate, Leadership Beaufort Class of 2010; commissioner, city of Beaufort Redevelopment Commission; fellow, Riley Institute of …
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Top 3 Debt Consolidation Providers in Boston Announced by
In addition, about 63% of Massachusetts's 2010 graduates had student loans and graduated owing an average of $ 25,541. … We found CuraDebt's counselors to be knowledgeable and experienced and able to help their customers not just with bad credit card …
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Labor Secretary: 'We Suck' On The Minimum Wage
inflation calculator and see what the value is in 2014. … I am tired of supporting Walmart workers so Alice Walton, who is worth billions because she pays hardly no taxes turned over managing her low paid workers to the American tax payers …
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New York, NY (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

Refund checks are hitting bank accounts this month as tax season comes to a close and Pure Minutes has a few fun suggestions on how to spend the refund. The average tax refund for individuals in 2014 is expected to hover around $ 2,300 and we’ve calculated what this means for the average American.

576 Big Macs

1,156 Cans of Red Bull

24 Hour Rental of a Ferrari F430 Spider

306 sticks of Maybelline New York Colorsensational Lipcolor “Red Revival 645”

547 Vente White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccinos from Starbucks

771 Boxes of Hostess Twinkies

As tempting as gorging on a mountain of Twinkies may be, there are much better ways to spend or invest the 2014 tax refund. While it’s okay to spend a portion of the tax refund on a personal purchase, one must be responsible in spending the entirety of the check at once. Paying down credit-card debt, shoveling more money into an emergency cash fund, and sending money back home are always responsible ways to spend your refund.

Consider taking 30% of the refund to pay down debt. Using the tax refund to pay off high-interest debt, such as on credit cards, is a responsible way to utilize the extra money the refund check will bring. Paying off the debt now can save hundreds of dollars in fees and interest that one might otherwise incur down the line.

Consider placing 30% of the refund in an emergency savings account. From car maintenance to home improvements having the extra cash on hand to battle an emergency is critical and it’s best to be financially prepared. Most car repairs, home improvements and medical procedures cost at least $ 300 so saving enough for two emergencies is an important move.

Consider sending some cash home. Most people know of money transfer operators such as MoneyGram and Western Union and both companies are well-known for sending money quickly to remote parts of the world. In particular, these services are useful if the recipient of the money doesn’t have a bank account.

Users who send money home now have an easy and affordable way to stay connected to family or friends in the Philippines, Spain, Latin America, Mexico, or anywhere around the world with Pure Minutes.

A prepaid calling card was once considered the cheapest and most convenient option to make international phone calls however it often required wading through complicated menus and PIN numbers. Users were overwhelmed by the amount of international dialing plans made available to them but times have changed and making low cost international calls has never been easier than with Pure Minutes.

(Pure Minutes) provides a low-cost international calling solution that works with any phone number, regardless of the current provider even when renting a temporary phone while overseas. This means that a user can enjoy the benefits of low international rates without needing to change their current landline or mobile cell phone service provider. For a limited time, Pure Minutes is extending an offer to receive a $ 3 bonus with the very first online purchase.

Pinless calling cards are convenient way to save money and keep in touch with loved ones. Pure Minutes offers some of the cheapest international phone plans so users can confidently make affordable phone calls to overseas destinations without emptying their wallets. The revolutionary Pure Minutes system instantly recognizes subscribers through an automatic caller identification which eliminates the need for complicated PIN numbers typically found on calling cards. In fact, Pure Minutes has eliminated the need for calling cards altogether. With rates as low as 1.5 cents to Mexico, 2.7 cents to Brazil, and 1.8 cents to India customers will never go over budget again.

Making the wise decision to strategically plan how you will spend your tax refund now will save you from potential financial headaches that can come later. Taking steps now before the tax season arrives will set in motion smart financial practices that will not only help you at tax season, but throughout the year.

To learn more about Pure Minutes and our amazing low rates, visit the website at (http://www.PureMinutes.com). Pure Minutes provides a low-cost international calling solution that works with any phone number, regardless of the current provider. This means that a user can enjoy the benefits of low international rates without needing to change their current landline or mobile cell phone service provider. Subscribed callers simply dial a local access number and through modern “Automatic Caller Identification” software we can recognize a subscribed caller making the need for complicated PIN codes a thing of the past.

The Pure Minutes Difference

    No Hidden Fees
    No Connection Fees
    No Maintenance Fees
    Real Minute Rounding
    No Contract Required
    Minutes Never Expire
    Low International Rates
    Reliable, Clear Quality

About Pure Minutes

Pure Minutes is a leading provider of prepaid international long-distance calling solutions. We provide an affordable communication solution that offers flexibility, portability and ease-of-use for both landline and mobile users. Pure Minutes offers competitive international calling worldwide with no hidden fees, no maintenance fees, no contract required, and minutes that never expire. Pure Minutes service is sold on the web and through regional and national retailers including MoneyGram, La Nacional and payXchange and is available to customers worldwide in English and in Spanish and accepts payments through all major credit cards and Paypal.

Follow us on Twitter (@PUREMinutes), Facebook (facebook.com/PUREMinutes), and LinkedIn (PUREMinutes, LLC) for up to the minute updates.

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In addition, many of the larger tax services and software companies allow W-2 download directly into their tax program so you don't have to bring the W-2 to the office, which means you may not need to have the physical copy of the W-2. Remember, it is …
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