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Tub to Shower 95.00 Custom Tiled Shower For a Typical


Subclassification: S_Accounting, Taxes
1st Rundate: 2013-11-08

Price: $ 4,995



City taking look at increasing utility, forest land tax rate
Campbell River phone, hydro and cable users are subsidizing taxes paid to other communities by such companies as Fortis, Telus and Shaw. And that is one reason Campbell River city council should increase the tax rate on both the utility class and …
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Middletown holds tax rate in 2014 preliminary budget
MIDDLETOWN — At a special meeting Nov. 15, council put the finishing touches on a preliminary budget for 2014 that shows the property tax rate remaining at 1.60 mills. Holding the line on the millage rate means that a residential property owner with …
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Somerville aldermen voice concerns about property tax
At their Tuesday night meeting, aldermen voted unanimously to adopt FY 2014 property tax rates, including a 5.7 percent residential tax rate decrease from $ 13.42 per $ 1,000 of property value to $ 12.66, and a 3.9 percent commercial rate decrease from …
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(PRWEB) November 27, 2013

Many businesses are adopting unique ways to incorporate charity drives into the workplace, such as the popular Movember movement, where men are encouraged to grow out their mustaches during the month of November as a way to raise funds for a good cause. San Diego web design company Bop Design released their own list of suggestions for businesses to integrate charitable giving into the work environment.

As business owners and marketers, we often get consumed by our own enterprise goals and forget that there are others out there who are struggling with issues greater than our own, says Bop Design principal Jeremy Durant. Incorporating charity into your business is an excellent way to revive a flagging staff spirit and to inject some perspective into your daily work life.

Here are five ways to incorporate charity into a business. Not all require money, but they all provide the satisfaction and joy that comes from making a difference for others.

Give time off to employees who volunteer.
Once a week, allow employees to come in a little later, leave a little earlier, or take an extended lunch break so they can volunteer their time to a worthy cause. Compensate them as if they were at work during that time period. The extra hour or so per week that employees spend in service outside of the office will boost their productivity by giving them something new and stimulating to think about, and by breaking up their weekly work schedule, says Durant. Encourage staff to share their experiences with their co-workers, either through organized meetings or in informal settings, like the lunchroom or water cooler conversation.

Participate in a charity event as a business.
Teambuilding exercises can be helpful for a staff and can have an even greater impact when employees are spending time together for a good cause. Marathons, walk-a-thons, bicycle rides, and color runs are a fun way to rally employees and unite them in the spirit of helping others.

Hire someone in need.
Businesses can consult with employment groups that work with returning veterans, battered women, or individuals trying to break out of homelessness to find enthusiastic employees who need a hand up. Hire employees from this untapped pool to support departments with high workloads like accounting, marketing, or data entry.

Donate business services.
Whatever service a business performs might be the exact thing a charitable organization or needy person seeks. Even B2B services can be extraordinarily helpful for struggling non-profit groups looking for basic legal services, accounting, marketing, web design, or transportation. Business owners should ask around for someone who might benefit from their business offerings or post an ad or flier in a place that will be seen by people in need.

Give a monetary donation to a worthy cause instead of distributing client holiday gifts.
Many businesses are restricting the ability of their staff to receive gifts from vendors, for tax and ethical reasons. Businesses can do some good in the world and remind clients of their stand-up organization by making a cash donation to a reputable charity. Mail holiday cards to clients that contain an insert with information about the charity so recipients can learn more about the cause and can also contribute personally if they feel moved. Business should pick charities that are unaffiliated with political or other hot-button groups to ensure that they are not inadvertently offending their clients sensibilities while trying to do a good deed.

Remember, these charitable tendencies need not be isolated to just the holiday season, concludes Durant. Incorporating charity into your business year-round can inject a newfound upbeat spirit into your workplace and can make a huge difference in someone elses life.


Bop Design is a San Diego web design agency with offices also in Orange County, CA and the New York metro area. Specializing in B2B marketing, Bop Design creates holistic marketing plans geared toward lead generation and business development. Bop Design offers services in branding, logo design, website design and development, responsive web design, SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing. http://www.bopdesign.com

Question by Sick of crooked DHS System: Is there a federal income tax on military retirement pay ?
We already know that certain states impose “State Taxes” on military retirement. Example: If one’s retirement pay comes to $ 1800.00 per month,does the FICA tax still apply?

Best answer:

Answer by Bobbie
Federal income taxes yes on the taxable amount of your retirement distributions amounts at your marginal tax rate for each tax year.
No FICA taxes on your retirement pay that is reported to you as retirement pay on your 1099-R.FICA stands for “Federal Insurance Contributions Act.” It’s the tax withheld from your salary or self-employment income that funds the Social Security and Medicare programs.
The (OASDI) Old Age Survivor and Disability Insurance (FICA) (social security and Medicare taxes) all mean the same tax for social security benefits (SSB or SSDI). All mean the same thing.
Retired Military Pay
Some states provide special tax benefits to military retirees. Others simply follow the federal tax rules. The states that do not tax retired military pay are: Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky*, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi*, Missouri*, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina*, Ohio, Oregon*, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
(*With conditions)

States are prohibited from taxing benefits of U.S. military retirees if they exempt the pensions of state and local government retirees. Most states that impose an income tax exempt at least part of pension income from taxable income. Different types of pension income (private, military, federal civil service, and state or local government) are often treated differently for tax purposes.

States are generally free from federal control in deciding how to tax pensions, but some limits apply. State tax policy cannot discriminate against federal civil service pensions. Ten states exclude all federal, state and local pension income from taxation. These include Alabama, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New York and Pennsylvania. Among these 10 states, only Kansas taxes any Social Security income, but only to the extent it is subject to federal taxation.


Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 04/22/2012

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Taxe aérienne: tous les détails

Taxe aérienne: tous les détails
La nouvelle taxe aérienne, qui rapportera 4,7 milliards de DH à l'horizon 2020, portera sur tous les billets internationaux au départ du Maroc, y compris les billets des pèlerins pour la Mecque. Mercredi 20 novembre, le ministre du Tourisme Lahcen …
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Le gouvernement reporte d'un an la majoration de la taxe sur les terrains non bâtis
Ainsi en va-t-il de la taxe foncière sur les terrains non bâtis, dispositif voté dans le cadre de la loi de finances (PLF) pour 2013. Le principe consiste à mettre en place une taxation plus importante du foncier dans les zones de fortes tensions …
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Zone de défense aérienne : la Chine taxe le Japon d'"hypocrisie"
La tension continue de monter entre la Chine et le Japon suite à l'établissement par Pékin d'une zone d'identification de défense aérienne qui inclut des îles sous contrôle japonais mais revendiquées par la Chine. Tokyo fait preuve d'"hypocrisie et …
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