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Our team of professionals make customer service our priority so when you're looking for a tax preparation firm, Quicktime Taxes is the best possible choice. 

Quicktime provides income tax preparation and electronic filing.  Audit assistance and free review of income tax returns are also part of Quicktime's commitment to service. Additional fees may apply.


We place the highest value on ethical standards and practices.  Our skilled Licensed Tax Consultants & Licensed Tax Preparers work together as a team to provide our customers the best possible tax preparation.


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QuickTime Taxes - Income Tax preparation

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Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations: Selected Sections

This best selling statutory supplement provides selected federal income tax statutes, including edited sections and significant amendments, additions, and revisions. Designed to offer maximum flexibility and ease of use in dealing with individual federal income tax, this resource examines fundamental procedures and administration involved in the Code, and regulations governing federal income tax. Explains basic and complex tax provisions in a clear and succinct manner, discussing such issues as

List Price: $ 30.00


Professional Tax Firm CTR Now Offers Audit Defense Help To Clients

CTR Logo

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) March 04, 2013

CTR’s Bradbury tax attorneys is excited to announce its newest program to help taxpayers with their state and federal taxes, the IRS audit defense program. CTR has been providing IRS debt solutions and tax preparation assistance to its clients for a number of years.

“Adding IRS audit defense was a very fluid process,” a CTR Spokesperson said. “We will be providing tax relief to clients who are being investigated by the IRS.”

CTR’s Brea tax attorneys have worked with California taxpayers in the past on IRS audit defense strategies, but the company has never formally initiated the service. Taxpayers who are being investigated by the IRS can now contact CTR for help. The IRS audit process requires a great deal of financial documentation and planning. IRS investigators will request more financial documentation than is technically required according to the tax code, simply because the law is open to interpretation. This means that individuals who have no prior experience with IRS audits may overexpose themselves to the agents involved.

CTR has launched it’s new audit defense program to help those individuals who are unfamiliar with how much information they are required to provide the IRS. IRS auditors will check invoices, bank statements, checks, receipts and other financial information that is necessary to ensure that an individual or business’s income tax return is correct. California taxpayers can talk to CTR’s Burbank tax attorneys for help with understanding how the new program works.

“Taxpayers will first undergo an in-house financial investigation,” says a CTR Spokesperson. “We’ll have a complete understanding of your financial situation based on the IRS master file and your submitted documents. After that we will help you handle the audit.”

CTR’s California tax professionals and Calabasas tax attorneys have been trained to help their clients understand what to expect from the IRS agents. They will represent their clients during the audit negotiation and speak the same tax language as the IRS agent. Finally CTR’s tax professionals will ensure that the result of the IRS audit is accurate and file an appeal if necessary. The company’s audit program is designed to save clients time and money during the IRS audit process and protect them from further tax trouble.

CTR offers tax debt resolution and tax services for individuals and businesses across the United States. The company uses a three step program to create personalized strategies to help taxpayers settle their IRS debt. The company offers many services, including: state and federal tax debt resolution, IRS audit defense, tax preparation and bookkeeping.

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CEO Speaks – Mr. Alok Patnia, Ex-KPMG and Founder of Taxmantra.com – File income tax return online with Taxmantra.com – India’s leading online tax filing por…
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Ideal Tax Solution, Llc Encourages Its Clients to File 2012 Returns as Irs Announces Latest System Updates Are Complete

A Better World For All

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) March 05, 2013

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC maintains daily interaction with the IRS as part of their tax resolution process. By doing so, their tax help specialists are able to stay current on any actions or announcements by the IRS deemed important in determining a taxpayer’s liability. Since the tax code is constantly changing, understanding and being knowledgeable of those changes can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s or company’s tax status.

A recent notification from the IRS informed Ideal Tax Solution of their ability to now process any remaining tax returns by the April 15th deadline. To date, the IRS has accepted 2012 tax returns in phases as it incorporated processing system modifications to reflect changes in current law. The adjustments were implemented as required by the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA). Congress enacted the resolution in January.

This final upgrade to the 2012 tax code now enables taxpayers interested in claiming residential energy credits on Form 5695 to file their returns. It also encompasses various business tax credits and deductions now available. Anytime changes are made to the rules and regulations of the tax code, a certain amount of confusion is expected. That is precisely why Ideal Tax Solution encourages its tax clients to ask questions and be fully engaged in the preparation of their returns.

“Our tax liability professionals work with clients every day providing tax help and giving them peace of mind during a very difficult life experience,” says Sam Price of Ideal tax Solution. “So many of them are surprised to learn about the simple steps they could have taken to avoid their current tax debt liability. After being informed about the IRS collection process it is common for them to ask us for assistance in preparing future returns.”

Although a significant number of taxpayers have already filed their returns, taxpayers who have put off filing in lieu of the expected tax system revisions are now in a better position to optimize their tax responsibility and increase their refunds. Ideal Tax Solution provides a full range of tax preparation services for maximizing 2012 tax refunds and minimizing future tax debt problems.

For U.S. taxpayers interested in finding out more about Ideal Tax Solution and their full range of in-depth and personalized tax preparation services, or for any tax help related issue, visit them online at http://www.idealtaxsolution.com. You can also reach them by phone by dialing 888.393.5154. Good tax tips and additional information can be found on their Facebook page and by following them on Twitter.

About Ideal Tax Solution, LLC – Located in Costa Mesa, California, the company provides a full range of tax preparation and resolution services as well as reassurance to taxpayers nationwide. With more than 55 years of combined experience providing American taxpayers with federal and state income tax solutions, Ideal Tax Solution offers an experienced staff which includes Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Senior Tax Consultants who stand at the ready to help with any tax issues.

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