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Our team of professionals make customer service our priority so when you're looking for a tax preparation firm, Quicktime Taxes is the best possible choice. 

Quicktime provides income tax preparation and electronic filing.  Audit assistance and free review of income tax returns are also part of Quicktime's commitment to service. Additional fees may apply.


We place the highest value on ethical standards and practices.  Our skilled Licensed Tax Consultants & Licensed Tax Preparers work together as a team to provide our customers the best possible tax preparation.


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QuickTime Taxes - Income Tax preparation

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Income Tax Return Folder - 9 x 12
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Tax rates for 280 companies

Tax rates for 280 companies

Image by citizens4taxjustice
Summary of three-year tax rates for 280 companies

From our new report "Corporate Taxpayers & Tax Dodgers, 2008-10"


The Great American Tax Dodge: How Spiraling Fraud and Avoidance Are Killing Fairness, Destroying the Income Tax, and Costing You

In The Great American Tax Dodge, a book that should infuriate and galvanize citizens everywhere, the best-selling authors of America: What Went Wrong? expose the millions of Americans who are dodging their income taxes at every honest taxpayer’s expense. With the clarity, insight, and readability that earned them two Pulitzer Prizes, Donald Barlett and James Steele explain how Americans are cheating as never before, and why most are getting away with it.
The authors relate the stories of a Ma

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Question by jimmy h: Do they take state taxes out of my check if i work in washington but live in oregon?
I live in Portland but work in Vancouver. In washington they normally don’t take state taxes out of your check but Oregon they do. I live in Oregon… Do I need to pay extra taxes later to the state if they don’t take out state taxes out of my Oregon check or how does it work? Thanks for the help!

Best answer:

Answer by Liberal AssKicker
They should.

Since you’re an Oregon resident, you have to file as an Oregan resident. You’re going to pay it one way or another.

You pay exactly the same amount no matter what they do. The only way your return would be higher is if they charge you penalties for not having it withheld or paying it on time.

(The guy below me is wrong. Washington state has NO INCOME TAX. You probably knew that. He might be from New York.)

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Fiscal Cliff – 2013 Federal Income Tax Update

This may be the final year the Bush tax cuts remain in effect unless Congress acts to further extend them. The Bush tax cuts, enacted in 2001 and 2003, were originally scheduled to expire for tax years beginning in 2011. However, President Obama signed legislation in late 2010 that temporarily extended the Bush tax cuts through 2012.
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