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DE-Taxes Announcing 10 Most Impactful Influences on Your 2012 Taxes Before New Year’s Day


Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) November 16, 2012

Although there are just a few weeks left in 2012, there are some timely tax measures and life events that may lower your tax bill for this year. DE-Taxes urges taxpayers to act quickly to reap the benefits from the ones that apply to them.

“Most people remember the tax filing deadline, but the deadline to take advantage of some tax savings measures is the final day of the year,” said Don Rice, Owner and Founder of DE-Taxes. “One continuing way that you might still save on your 2012 taxes is to contribute the maximum amount that you can to a retirement account before the tax-filing deadline in 2012.”

Make an Extra Mortgage Payment

Extra payments in 2012 mean more deductible mortgage interest.

Pay State and Local Income Taxes Now

Payments made by checks or transactions dated in 2012 are deductible for tax year 2012.    

Check Your Medical and Health Accounts

If you have a health flexible spending account (FSA) through your employer, increase the amount you set aside for next year. If you have a health savings account (HSA), you can make all contributions for 2012 up to the due date of the return not including extensions.

Check Your Possible Medical Deductions

Taxpayers should check to see if they have enough medical deductions to itemize (over 7.5% of AGI) this year. It may be possible to schedule a medical appointment quickly, purchase a pair of glasses or fill a prescription in the next few days that might make a difference. Or it might make sense to “bunch” medical deductions into one year, and plan ahead for 2013.    

Small Businesspeople Can Buy Supplies Now

If you’re self-employed, buy supplies now. Self-employed taxpayers who use the cash method of accounting can pay bills on or before December 31, 2012 and claim the expense on a 2012 return. Stock up on necessary supplies and equipment. Remember to take advantage of the section 179 deduction for computers and other big ticket items put into service before the end of this year. For 2012, small businesses can expense up to $ 500,000 of the first $ 2 million of business expenditures considered section 179 expenses.

Add to Your Retirement Accounts

Taxpayers can contribute to their retirement accounts any time before April 17, 2013. The deductible amount for a contribution to a traditional IRA is up to $ 5,000 per person, up to $ 6,000 per person if age 50 or older. Workers age 50 or older can make additional contributions to their SIMPLE IRAs up to $ 2,500. If you’re self-employed, you can set up an Employee Pension plan and contribute the lesser amount of up to 20% of your net income or $ 49,000 before April 17, 2013.    

Sell “Loser” Stocks    

Perhaps you have experienced a stock market slide that has affected your portfolio. There’s still time to sell stocks or mutual funds and take the losses to offset your income.

Make Charitable Contributions and Donations before the End of the Year

Generally, for individuals, contributions to tax-exempt charitable organizations are limited to 50 percent of the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income for the tax year. Those unused items cluttering closets can be donated to a qualified charity or non-profit organization and deducted as charitable contributions.

Make Residential Energy Efficient Improvements Now

For eligible property placed in service during 2012 homeowners may be able to claim a credit of up to $ 500 of the cost of certain energy efficient property. The residential energy credit may offer a tax break on a 2012 return if all installation is done and/or work was completed in 2012.

Residential energy credits apply to homes, houseboats, mobile homes, condominium, and qualifying manufactured homes. The 2012 credit must be reduced by the amount of any residential energy credit taken after 2005.

Life Events before New Year’s Day May Help Your Tax Situation

Couples tying the knot and getting married in the remaining days of the year will be considered married the entire year by the IRS. Filing status depends on marital status December 31. A child born on December 31 is assumed for tax purposes to have lived with the parents the entire year.

About DE-Taxes    

DE-Taxes is comprised of a dynamic team of Delaware tax services professionals who are committed to providing a premium service at a competitive price. DE-Taxes has been servicing the Tri-State region for over 25 years. We are committed in providing our clients a unique experience for all tax services needs.

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Small Business Taxes Made Easy, Second Edition

Small Business Taxes Made Easy, Second Edition

 Pay what your really owe–and not a penny more! “This book is a must-read for anyone who is running a small business. Rosenberg lays out the steps in a simple format to get you organized and running a business smoothly.” — Layla Tusko, President, Crystal Cove Marketing Group  “Rosenberg has an uncanny ability to make taxes and tax issues easier to understand, all the while keeping everything fresh and fun. I would recommend her book to anyone managing a business.” — Sonny Byrd, Head of Mark

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Bean Bag Chair Pros Announces Launch of New Child Bean Bag Chairs for Holiday Shopping

Kid Bean Bag Chairs

Camas, WA (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Bean Bag Chair Pros is pleased to announce the launch of their all-new product line for children just in time for the holiday season to complement their full line of adult sized bean bag chairs. Children love to nestle into a child sized bean bag to watch television, play their favorite video gain, read a book, or even to do homework and bean bag chairs are an ideal gift for children on a gift-giving list.

Bean Bag Chair Pros offer a variety of styles and sizes to delight children of all ages. Football, soccer, basketball and baseball fans can curl up in a football styled beanbag to watch the big game with their family. The baseball styled kid bean bag chair features a chair styled in the shape of a globe with a baseball ottoman.

It is not just the sports loving children that will love the bean bags from Bean Bag Chair Pros, there is a comprehensive assortment of monsters, critters and Disney character beanbags are also available. Fairies, princesses and flower shaped chairs are ideal for the most discriminating and hard to shop for girls on a holiday list. These specially designed and sized bean bags are perfect for kids rooms, game rooms and media rooms. Most of the bean bag chairs for children through Bean Bag Chair Pros are easily cleaned and stain-resistant for those accidental spills and mishaps.    

Bean Bag Chair Pros’ easy to navigate website is provides consumers a one stop shop for beanbag chairs for individuals of all ages. Bean bag chairs were once all the rage and their comeback today is because of their versatility, comfort and style. For the adults on a gift giving list, there are a variety of shapes, styles and sizes available to fit any décor.

All of the beanbag chairs and beanbag sofas offered by Bean Bag Chair Pros are tough, stain resistant and easily cleaned. Nothing is quite as comfortable and snuggly as a beanbag chair; it is easy to nestle in and get comfortable while your back, legs and neck are properly supported. Dogs and cats love beanbag chairs and many of the products at http://www.beanbagchairpros.com have removable and machine-washable covers for easy cleanup and stain removal.

About BeanBagChair Pros

Bean Bag Chair Pros offers the finest bean bag chairs available on the market today. Their extensive selection includes solutions for children through adults. Operated by Pro Home Stores, an online retailer of fine home goods and décor items, shipping is always free and there is never a sales tax. To view available bean bag chairs and sofas available, visit http://www.beanbagchairpros.com.

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American Citizens Abroad Tax (ACA) Initiative Presented at London Conference

Washington DC, Geneva Switzerland (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Alarmed and vexed by the rising compliance burdens and the harmful effects the US tax system has on US exports, American Citizens Abroad (ACA) has developed a different and far simpler approach to taxing Americans overseas – one which could actually increase total tax receipts from Americans overseas.

The ACA proposal would replace the current citizenship-based taxation with residence-based taxation, under which American residents overseas would pay taxes on a basis very similar to that applied to non-resident aliens, with US-source income withheld at source. This would align US tax policy with that of virtually every other country on the planet. In addition, ACA calculates that implementing the new proposal would dramatically improve tax receipts to the U.S. Treasury and improve the US export picture.

Details of the withholding regime were outlined on December 4th by U.K.-based attorney Geoffrey Morson at the IBC International Withholding Tax Summit in London. Morson, a veteran tax litigator and international tax planning specialist with extensive experience in representing clients in the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative, sees current US law as decidedly suboptimal. “Both ACA and I as a tax professional obviously advocate the most stringent observance of the tax laws. Nevertheless it is important that the double taxation and double filing issues be addressed so that overseas Americans can compete on a level playing field and sell US products to foreign buyers.” Morson views current law as an export killer. “It is unrealistic to hope for a world class export economy when your tax system is telling the people needed to sell your products that they should pack up their laptops, throw in the towel and just come home” he notes.

“Since 91% of the tax filings submitted by overseas Americans result in no tax due, adoption of our proposal would permit a far more efficient use of both IRS and taxpayer resources”, noted Jackie Bugnion, ACA’s Tax Team Director. “Our tax code makes Americans too expensive to hire, so US and foreign firms understandably replace them with qualified professionals from other countries without income tax, FBAR or FATCA filing requirements and the immense legal and financial jeopardy they entail. How can you work effectively when FATCA prevents you from opening a bank account?”

“A Better Way to Tax US Persons Abroad” is available for download at http://americansabroad.org/files/1113/5170/0066/Taxation_of_Americans_Resident_Abroad_-_November_2012.pdf.

ACA, a non-profit, non-partisan volunteer association with members in over 90 countries, is the foremost advocacy organization representing the six million Americans overseas in Washington, focusing on taxation, voting, healthcare, social security, representation and citizenship issues. ACA maintains offices in Washington, DC and Geneva, Switzerland. http://www.americansabroad.org

Geoffrey Morson, a Member of the California and New York Bars, holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and is admitted to practice before the US Tax Court (1974) and the US Court of Federal Claims since 1974. He is a principal of Daniels & Morson Private Fiduciary Services (Hong Kong). More information is available at http://www.daniels-morson.biz.

Press inquiries: Marylouise Serrato (202) 322 8441

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Tax Brackets

www.irsmedic.com Tax Attorney Anthony Parent explains the history the income tax and the tax bracket rates spawned. What the brackets mean, and why so many times, their importance is overstated.

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