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Archive for April, 2012

Avalara’s Internal Controls Earn SSAE 16 Attestation; Auditing Achievement Reflects Commitment, Demonstrates Credentials

Avalara Founder and CEO Scott McFarlane

Bainbridge Island, WA (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Avalara (http://www.avalara.com), the market leader and visionary in sales tax automation for businesses of all sizes, today announced its internal control activities have earned a Statement on Standards for Attestations Engagements (SSAE) 16, replacing its Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 earned in 2010.

SSAE 16 is an attestation standard put forth by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) that evaluates the internal controls of a service organization. An organization must demonstrate it has established and up-to-date control objectives and activities in place to earn a SSAE 16 attestation.

“Virtually every function of the company was touched by the SSAE audit, from our data processing and building security to disaster recovery and backup, said Avalara Founder and CEO Scott McFarlane. “The audit’s sheer scope and resulting attestation clearly reflect Avalara’s commitment to maintaining strong controls and procedures for our customers. It’s a worthwhile endeavor that demonstrates our credentials and builds on our foundation of trust.”

SSAE 16 effectively replaces SAS 70 as the authoritative guidance for reporting on service organizations. SSAE 16 engagements are generally performed by audit, risk, and control oriented professionals who have experience in accounting, auditing, and information security. A SSAE 16 engagement allows a service organization to have its control policies and procedures evaluated and tested by an independent party.

About Avalara

Avalara is the leader and visionary in sales tax automation for businesses of all sizes. It simplifies the complexity associated with sales and use tax and – in the process – makes compliance achievable by all.

Avalara partners with nearly 170 of the world’s leading accounting and commercial software publishers to accomplish this. Its web-based offering provides the most complete set of transactional tax compliance services available, including tax calculation, exemption certificate management and returns processing. It also offers 1099 filing and reporting.

Avalara currently serves more than 60,000 registered users globally and calculates VAT, sales and use taxes on more than 750 million transactions annually. It also manages more than 1.5 million exemption certificates, submits approximately 500,000 returns and files and remits nearly $ 10 billion in sales and use tax collections per year.

Established in 2004, Avalara is a founding member and Certified Service Provider of the Streamlined Sales Tax initiative and one of the fastest-growing companies in America. It employs more than 275 professionals at its headquarters on Bainbridge Island, WA and offices in Seattle; Irvine, San Diego and Rocklin, CA; Falls Church, VA and Pune, India.

For more information, please visit http://www.avalara.com.

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breakroomlive.comBreakRoomLive with Maron and Seder is LIVE weekdays, 3-4pm from the Air America Break Room. Sam listens to a random minute of Rush Limbaugh’s Radio show and rebuts Rush’s commentary in just as little time. In this episode, Sam rebukes the claim that New York State will lose residents as a result of a plan to raise its states income tax under 2 percentage points. Too bad Rush is duping his gullible listeners with knowingly dishonest chatter. Catch comedy sketches, interviews, political and cultural discussions, and interact with hosts and guests live 3pm, MF @ BreakRoomLive.com! BreakRoomLive with Marc Maron and Sam Seder is a production of airamerica.com

Question by : Is this Michelle Obama’s idea of “giving back” to her country?
“In my own life… I’ve tried to give back to this country that has given me so much. That’s why I left a job at a law firm for a career in public service.”

So her idea of “giving back” is by robbing millions of dollars from us taxpayers to pay for her outrageous shopping sprees? Did you know Michelle Obama has 26 servants that cost $ 1.8 million per year? Remember her vacation to Spain where she brought 40 of her “friends” to mooch off our tax dollars?

This is the same person who said she was proud of America “for the first time in [her] adult lifetime” because her husband was running for president. There is a whole chapter on her in Michelle Malkin’s book “Culture of Corruption”. It is hard to figure out how she escaped indictment and imprisonment for some of the crap she did before her husband won the presidency.

Best answer:

Answer by Merkon
And Nancy Reagan spent $ 209,000 on DISHES for chrissakes so STFU.

You know, you posted this same piece of sloppy propaganda a couple of days ago, and you were blown out of the water. Lots of posters gave you links to articles listing the number of “servants” and their salaries of Laura Bush, too.

Isn’t it funny how conservatives never learn from their own mistakes?

Give your answer to this question below!

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what is a “fair share of taxes”?

Question by ANDREW T: what is a “fair share of taxes”?
I have seen heard some people say that “The rich and corporations need to pay their fair share”. What would a “fair share” be? Should they pay the same rate as everybody else? A higher rate?
Americano. I understand that but what would a fair share for them be?

Best answer:

Answer by Allison, the Nice Lady
I’m one of those “millionaires and billionaires” Obama talks about. We made an AGI of $ 272,000 last year. I’m self employed. I pay double social security and medicare taxes. Between SS, medicare, federal and state income taxes my effective rate is just under 50%. I can’t deduct my daughter’s college tuition, my own student loan interest (which I am still paying) and I can’t deduct all of my mortgage.

How much MORE do you want me to pay?????

John J,

Where on earth do you live that you have to pay 53% on 30k? Nowhere in the US.

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